Do you like to share your favorite things with family and friends? Maybe you have a following that can’t wait to hear your latest tips and finds? Join our free SkinnyStix Affiliate Program and earn money from your texts, emails or social media.


Who is SkinnyStix?

We made SkinnyStix to give a little help to real women that are kicking butt, trying to get everything done, and also want to look good in yoga pants. We take care of the little stuff (like our sleek, ultra-portable snack) so you can keep taking care of the big stuff.


What is an affiliate program and is it right for me?

  • You share your personal link or code.
  • Each time someone uses the link or code and a sale is made; you earn 20% on the sale.


How does the SkinnyStix Affiliate Program work?

  • We work with a company called OmniStar that specializes in Affiliate Program management.
  • They manage and track all of our program activity in real-time and ensure that you receive the right amount of money each month.
  • Through OmniStar you will have access to creative assets, promotional offers and visibility into your earnings.


What are the benefits?

  • It’s easy and free.
  • You’ll earn a generous 20% in commissions on all SkinnyStix sales generated through your link or code.
  • You’ll have access to special offers, new products and exclusive discounts.
  • You benefit from the other marketing we are doing to promote the product.


How do I get started?

  • Complete the online application.
  • Within a day or two you will receive an email for confirmation*.
  • Review the tips and suggestions for talking about the product.
  • Share the product and your unique link, code or both!

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